On his appointment
by H.E. the President
o f t h e I s l a m i c
R e p u b l i c o f
Afghanistan, Mr.
Mohammad Naiem
Haqmal assumed the
Office of the Auditor
General, Afghanistan
on 02 March 2019.
Mr. Mohammad Naiem Haqmal, son of Mr.
Mohammad Kateb, was born in 1980 in a
devout and intellectual family in Saripul
Province of Afghanistan.
Mr. Haqmal is a fellow member of the
Ass o c i a t i o n o f C h a rte r e d C e r t i e d
Accountants (ACCA). He is also a member of
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and
Accountancy (CIPFA) since 2015. With his
Bachelor's degree in Applied Accounting
from Oxford Brooks University, England, he
o b t a i n e d h i s M a s t e r ' s i n B u s i n e s s
Administration (MBA) in 2013 from World
Wide Science Business School, specializing in
strategic management. Mr. Haqmal is fluent
in English and speaks official languages, Dari
and Pashtu.
Mr. Haqmal has received several managerial
and professional trainings covering subjects
of Statements of Financial Position Analysis,
Accounting Principles and Framework,
Financial Audit, Environment Management
System, Cost and Price Analysis, Financial
Dis closu re, St andards f or Fin ancia l
Statements, Business Writing and Cyber
Security Awareness, from USAID and UNDP
inside and outside of the country.
Mr. Haqmal has over 12 years of professional
experience in management, accounting,
financial management and auditing since
2006 across private sector, International and
multi-lateral agencies, projects, Banking and
Government. In private sector, he worked as
Finance Manager with Afghanistan Holding
Group (AHG), a financial services firm in 2012
where he dealt with capacity building of the
finance and accounting staff and tax related
matters. He has also been teaching ACCA
subjec ts at Am er ic an University o f
Afghanistan (AUAF) since 2014.
His experience with international and
multilateral agencies include dealing with
accounting matters in CARE International, as
Finance Officer with the UNDP in the area of
Sub-National Governance for two years and
as Financial Analyst for three years with the
His experiences in Government include as
Finance Officer in World Bank project in the
Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and
Livestock and subsequently with his
excellent performances in the project, as
Finance Manager of the project and as Audit
Specialist in Internal Audit in the Ministry of
Before assuming the Office of the Auditor
General, Afghanistan, Mr. Haqmal served as
the Chairman of Kabul Bank Receivership
Commission and as the Deputy Minister
(Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) in the
Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan.
ECOSAI - 2019
Appointment of new Auditor General,
Supreme Audit Office (SAO),