ECOSAI - 2019
Pak-China Bilateral Seminar on Public
Auditing, was held on 10-11 January, 2019 at
the Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan,
Islamabad, Pakistan. The Seminar marked
continuity of the tradition and practice of
technical cooperation between the two
Supreme Audit Institutions in the areas of
public sector auditing, which has helped both
institutions in knowledge development and
continued professional growth of auditors.
The two-day Seminar focused on public
works audit with an additional emphasis on
audit of post disaster recovery and
reconstruction, and audit of public-private
partnership projects. Pakistan's Federal
Minister for Finance and Revenue was the
Chief Guest of the seminar. A five member
delegation from SAI China participated in the
Seminar. The Auditor General of Pakistan in
his address during the Seminar expressed his
hope that the collaboration of this type will
not only enrich the understanding of selected
themes bit also encourage further improving
of audit app roa ch, met hod olo gie s,
knowledge and techniques needed to bring
value and quality to audit products.
Pak-China Bilateral Seminar held in Islamabad
Pak-Indonesia Bilateral Seminar held in Islamabad
First Pak-Indonesia public auditing seminar
on the theme ofAudit of Disaster
Management” was held on 26th March, 2019
at the Oce of the Auditor General of
ECOSAI - 2019
A courtesy meeting of Auditor General of
Pakistan with ACCA's Global President, Mr.
Robert Stenhouse was held on 21st February,
2019 at 04:00 pm in the Office of the Auditor
General of Pakistan. The purpose of the
meeting was to formally thank and
appreciate the Auditor General for his
continuous support to ACCA and deliberate
on other areas of mutual interest in the
country. Mr. Javaid Jehangir, Auditor General
of Pakistan warmly welcomed the august
guests and while giving his valuable remarks
to the ACCA Global President, emphasized
the need to help in developing capacity of
3000 core auditors of DAGP in the emerging
areas such as Energy Sector, Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), Social Safety Net
Programs, CPEC initiative, Environmental
Auditing and IT Auditing in line with the
Strategic Plan of DAGP 2015-19 which has
been extended for a period of two years. Mr.
Mahfooz Bhatti, Director General (Policy)
apprised the audience that DAGP had
adopted IPSAS and developing skill of
auditors was the need of the hour. Mr. Robert
Stenhouse, ACCA Global President praised
the performance of DAGP auditors in capacity
building programs arranged by ACCA and
showed commitment to design, develop and
conduct training programs to help DAGP in
raising the competence level of auditors to
conduct audits in emerging areas in a
professional manner.
Meeting of Auditor General of Pakistan with
ACCA's Global President
Pakistan, Islamabad. A four member
delegation headed by the Vice-Chairman of
Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia
Dr.Baharullah Akbar participated in the
Seminar. The Auditor General of Pakistan
during his address emphasized on learning
from each-others expertise particularly in the
field of rehabilitation of affected people and
reconstructing of aected infrastructure
damaged during earthquake and sunamis in
both countries [Pakistan and Indonesia]
respectively. This will ensure proper
utilization of public money in transparent
manner. During the seminar it was agreed
that SAIs have a vital contribution to make in
keeping government and others managing
disaster related aid accountable to
parliaments and citizens for the use of
resources. Simultaneously, SAIs can also
evaluate the priority assigned to disaster risk
reduction by the government.
ECOSAI - 2019
The Auditor General of Pakistan, Mr. Javaid
Jahengir attended the Seminar on Post
PIFRA Pension Reforms in Sindh” in Karachi,
Sindh on 25 February 2019. The chief Minister
Sindh Mr. Murad Ali Shah was guest of honor
on the said event. In his inaugural speech Mr.
Shah said that he felt honored to be part of
the event which was one step towards the
direction where we were seriously thinking
about making the life of pensioner easier. He
said that paying pension was not doing any
favor to the pensioners. It is what they earn
by serving the public throughout their career.
He appreciated the efforts of Accountant
General Sindh and his team for establishing
Sindh Pension Center. While talking the
seminar, the Auditor General of Pakistan, Mr.
Javaid Jehangir showed his gratitude
towards the Sindh government too, by
thanking the Chief Minister for his immense
and throughout support at every point of
time. Accountant General Sindh, Mr. Ghufran
Memon in his address said that he is working
on the vision of the Auditor General of
Pakistan of paying pension on the very first
day of employee's retirement. He added after
the establishment of SPC a cultural change
has come in his office. The pensioners are
now facilitated within minimum possible time
and without much hassle. He informed that
replicating the idea of SPC in all over Sindh
had been started and another SPC would be
inaugurated at Jamshoro district.
Auditor General attended a Seminar on
“Post PIFRA Pension Reforms in Sindh”
ECOSAI - 2019
Auditor General of Pakistan Attended Final Passing
Out Ceremony of 45th Specialized Training Programme
of Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service
Final Passing-out of 45th Specialized Training
Programme of Pakistan Audit & Accounts
Service (PA & AS) was held on Friday at
Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy Lahore.
Mr. Javaid Jehangir, Auditor General of
Pakistan, attended the Programme as Chief
Guest. While addressing the Officers of PA &
AS the Auditor General of Pakistan
emphasized on the need of modern skills &
training to cater for the expectations of the
stake-holders. AGP apprised that the
Pakistan Audit Department was going under
extensive reforms to remain relevant with
the changing structure of the Government,
and new Directorates General of Social
Safety-Nets Audit, Information System Audit
and Environmental Audit have been
established from available resources. AGP
informed that the establishment of a new
Directorate General for Audit of CPEC was
un de r c ons id er at ion an d w ou ld be
established soon.
AGP highlighted that the accountability role
of the Pakistan Audit Department had
extensively been enhanced and various
federal/provincial governments, ministries
etc. were continuously sending requests for
special audit of various government
organizations, Projects etc. To meet the
e x p e c t a t i o n s o f t h e
Executive/Administration, Department of
AGP has developed its capacities in emerging
areas of audit (Forensic Audit, Environmental
Audit, IT Audit etc.) and had recently
c o n d u c t e d v a r i o u s S p e c i a l A u d i t
AGP advised the passing-out officers that
they, being young officers, were future of
Pakistan and they had to lead the country to
good governance by playing their role in
financial accountability and transparency. So
they have to prepare themselves for
e m e r g i n g c h a l l e n g e s w i t h m o d e r n
knowledge, skills and training.