Presidency Programme for 2017-2020

Turkish Court of Accounts was established on the model used in continental Europe, and France in particularly, and has judicial power and functions through its chambers. Its traditional structure has recently been changed by reforms in the public financial management and control system in Turkey. Turkish Court of Accounts carries out its functions through regularity audits including financial and compliance and performance audits in accordance with the INTOSAI Standards and principles. With this honorary period of Presidency, Turkish Court of Accounts will keep the bridge both in office and judgment types of SAIs in Europe.

Due to the rapid and changing environment of the world and of Europe, in particular, SAIs encounter new challenges. To adapt to these challenges, quick responses given by SAIs will create new initiatives among SAIs. In line with the purpose of the new Strategic Plan of EUROSAI, which requires being agile and relevant within this environment, the Turkish Court of Accounts will represent EUROSAI enthusiastically during its Presidency.

In conformity with the objectives of EUROSAI, the Turkish Court of Accounts will be the main driver of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the first three years. In this regard, although the TCA will assume the main responsibility, cooperation with the Vice Presidents of EUROSAI will be of great importance.

While assuming the Presidency of EUROSAI, we are aware that when we build good communication channels among SAIs, we will contribute to the SAIs work. As one of the seminar subjects discussed here in this Congress; emerging issues such as cyber security, migration, and humanitarian problems are becoming more and more common across Europe and also are becoming key audit issues for the SAIs. If SAIs can ensure the establishment of a timely and effective system to deal with the emerging issues, they will contribute directly to the top management of the auditees and accordingly to the citizens.

As of the President of EUROSAI, TCA will create a platform among SAIs to enhance the discussion on these strategic audit issues. In terms of professional cooperation, TCA would like to increase the dialogue among SAIs by means of cooperative audits and cross marketing and joint audit related initiatives to make SAIs more agile and proactive on the topics of current interest. We strongly believe that, if this opportunity is used efficiently and effectively, it will strengthen public sector management with the stimulation of public sector audit within the community.

TCA also would like to guide the enhancement of SAIs’ institutional capacity development works by means of internship programs, study visits and key subject training programmes.

While TCA cooperates with GB members and Strategic goal portfolio leaders in implementing the Strategic Plan of EUROSAI, TCA will also be the voice of the SAIs by collecting their demands for the establishment of agile project groups to react easily and quickly to the matters coming from the challenging environment. TCA wants to carry out surveys so as to learn the demands of SAIs and use the results in establishing new initiatives under the roof of EUROSAI.

Furthermore, we believe that what the EUROSAI members discussed here so far will provide valuable inputs for the further improvement of the community. TCA will encourage the implementation of the conclusions and recommendations of the technical discussions of the “Istanbul Congress”. The new initiatives, which are harmonious with the goals of the new Strategic Plan of EUROSAI, will encourage us (TCA) to cooperate & collaborate within the EUROSAI community.
As a regional working group of INTOSAI, EUROSAI will always have the duty of contributing to the works of INTOSAI. TCA would like to support/develop regional initiatives not only in the EUROSAI community but also within the INTOSAI community for the further improvement of ISSAIs.

Benefiting from the experience the TCA has gained since its establishment through its memberships in the regional organizations of ASOSAI, EUROSAI and INTOSAI itself, as the Turkish Court of Accounts, we will do our best to make this Presidency period successful and fruitful.

Taking this opportunity, as the President of EUROSAI, the Turkish Court of Accounts will strengthen the SAIs. Let’s enhance open dialogue and close cooperation for further improvement of EUROSAI!!