Turkish Court of Accounts Becomes a Member of the ASOSAI Audit Committee

14th General Assembly of ASOSAI hosted by the SAI of Vietnam in Hanoi came to an end.
On the last day of the general assembly, which lasted for three days, votes were taken for the vacancies in the ASOSAI Governing Board and Audit Committee. 
As it is known, the TCA, which was a member of the ASOSAI Governing Board in the last term, run as a candidate for the audit committee this time.
At the end of the elections held, the TCA was elected to the ASOSAI Audit Committee by taking 24 of 38 votes cast in the first round.
The other member of the Audit Committee became Kazakhstan at the end of the voting in the third round.
On the other hand, an election was held for the vacancies in the ASOSAI Governing Board, and Indonesia, Kuwait, Russia, Nepal and Bangladesh became the new governing board members.
One of the agenda items of the last day was about the acceptance of the proposal of ECOSAI, which the TCA chairs, to be a member of ASOSAI in the capacity of observer. The target was achieved in this respect, and ECOSAI’s membership to ASOSAI as an observer was accepted. 
Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş, the President of the TCA and also the President of ECOSAI, delivered a speech in the general assembly, gave information about ECOSAI and its activities and extended his thanks to all the members for their support.

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