18th ECOSAI Training Committee Meeting and 23rd ECOSAI Governing Board Meeting Held in Baku on 9-10 October 2018

18th ECOSAI Training Committee Meeting and 23rd ECOSAI Governing Board Meeting was held in Baku on 9-10 October 2018 with the participation of representatives from the SAIs of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Turkey.

The program started with the visits to the mausoleum of Haydar Aliyev and “Monument of Martyrs” as well as ASAN (Azerbaijan Public Service and Assessment Institution).
The matters discussed and decided in the 18th ECOSAI Training Committee meeting on 9 October 2018 were presented to the approval of the ECOSAI Governing Board.

The 23rd ECOSAI Governing Board Meeting following the Training Committee meeting started with the opening speech of Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, President of the TCA and the Term President of ECOSAI. Mr. BAŞ emphasized that ECOSAI, which consists of the SAIs of friendly and brother countries, should be in close cooperation and explained the process, which resulted in acquiring “observer” status for ECOSAI in the 52nd ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting held in Hanoi, to the participating country delegations.

Chairing the said meeting, Mr. BAŞ emphasized that training and cooperation should increasingly continue both under the roof of ECOSAI and within the framework of bilateral relations. Also, 2017 budget realisations and financial tables of ECOSAI for 2017 were acquitted by the Governing Board in the meeting. Mr. Javaid JEHANGIR, Auditor General of Pakistan and General Secretary of ECOSAI, presented the ECOSAI Activity Report, 2018-2021 ECOSAI Training Plan and other agenda items under the responsibility of the General Secretariat. Mr. BAŞ invited the Governing Board members to deliver their opinions and comments on these presentations.

According to the results of the meetings held on 9-10 October, 2018-2021 ECOSAI training plan will be revised by the General Secretariat and then shared with the member SAIs. Also the idea that the trainings should be held by the countries, which have not hosted trainings before, in order to make ECOSAI trainings widespread was accepted in principle.

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