55. ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting Was Held

55. ASOSAI Governing Board meeting was held on 27 July 2020 with the opening speech of Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, the President of the SAI of Vietnam.

ASOSAI Governing Board members attended the said meeting as well as Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, the President of the TCA, who is a member of the ASOSAI Audit Board. The SAI of Kazakhstan and IDI officials also attended the meeting. In the Governing Board meeting, reports were presented and agreed on the agenda items.

In the framework of the meeting, the SAI of China, as the ASOSAI General Secretary, presented the report on the activities made within the year after the 54. ASOSAI Governing Board meeting, the report on ASOSAI Strategic Plan, and the report on 12 ASOSAI Research Projects. It was decided by the Governing Board to establish Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Working Group, in which we took an active role in its establishment. Moreover, the reports of Governing Board members prepared for the Committees, Sub-committees and Working Groups working within INTOSAI were presented to the Governing Board.

In addition, unanimous decision was made to postpone the election to determine the SAI that will host the 16. ASOSAI General Assembly.

The closing of the ASOSAI Governing Board meeting was made by Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, the President of ASOSAI.

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