SayCap (Audit Management Program)

audit.jpgAll audit teams use the SayCap Program (Computer Assisted Programme) for planning, executing, documenting and managing the audit processes in line with international standards. SayCap is developed to meet such needs as reporting, guiding, communication, quality control, archiving, accessing information sources, approval, documentation, risk assessment based planning to be used in the management and reporting of audit processes. 

Audit teams benefit from SayCap means in all audit processes. Working papers can be kept in the system, and matters such as audit plan, program and report can be easily monitored. SayCap is continuously updated and developed in line with the decisions of Audit, Planning and Coordination Council and the changes in audit manuals. In the scope of the program, audit teams also have the means for remote access. SayCap, is a system that guarantees that audit processes are implemented and documented in line with the international audit standards and audit manuals.