3rd Governing Board Meeting at Technical Level

The 3rd  EUROSAI GB Meeting at the Technical Level was held on 28-29.06.2022 in Warsaw. A presentation was made by the TCA on “Report on SAI Turkey´s Activities” at the meeting.

Following issues were held in the scope of the Meeting:

  • Updates and News from EUROSAI Secretariat
  • Overall Governance Portfolio
  • Strategic Goal 1
  • Strategic Goal 2
  • Portfolio on Communication
  • Portfolio on Relations with non-SAI Stakeholders
  • Portfolio on Emerging Issues and Forward Thinking
  • Relations with INTOSAI and its Regional Organisations Portfolio
  • Report on SAI Turkey´s Activities
  • News from INTOSAI GB
  • Practical Approach to the 56th GB Resolution
  • Drafting the 57th EUROSAI GB Agenda
  • Update on the 5th Young EUROSAI Conference
  • 2nd meeting of PG Drafting new ESP 2024-2030