Public Officers Ethics Contract

Having an awareness and understanding of the fact that public service is above all kinds of private benefits and that the public officers are at the service of the public, I undertake to:

  • work in order to ease the public’s daily life, meet their needs in the most effective, rapid and efficient manner, increase the quality of service, and increase the society’s satisfaction,
  • fulfil my task in line with the principles of respecting human rights, transparency, participation, integrity, accountability, protecting public interests and the rule of law,
  • act in compliance with the service requirements within neutrality without allowing behaviors and practices that prevent equal opportunities, without discrimination of language, religion, philosophical belief, political view, race, age, disability and gender,
  • fulfil my task without receiving gifts from any real or legal entity related to the task, without gaining material and moral favors or affording any such advantages, without expecting any special benefits,
  • not to use the public goods and resources aside from public purposes and service requirements and not to let them be used in this manner, not to waste these goods and resources,
  • respect people’s rights to petition, information, sue, and act in a caring, polite, careful and respectful manner towards service beneficiaries, colleagues and other respondents,
  • work and provide service based on the ethical behavior principles and values included in the by-laws that are prepared by the Public Officers Ethics Council. 

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