Innovative Initiatives During EUROSAI Presidency

The Presidency period carried out by the TCA has indeed witnessed many innovative initiatives that were firstly organized such as the Marketplace event during the Xth Congress and Off-site meeting of the GB Members in İstanbul as well as the Memorial Plantation Area established for EUROSAI’s 30th Anniversary. Since the TCA's term extended one year due to the pandemic, keeping the activities going on with the same enthusiasm and effective use of the tools for facilitating the remote cooperative initiatives along with the more flexible use of social media for EUROSAI activities were also the main steps taken by the TCA through a close collaboration with all EUROSAI Community.


bir 1 .jpg

Markeplace of Ideas

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Off-site meeting of the GB members

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Transparent and Participatory Implementation Process of the OP

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Social Media for EUROSAI activities

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Shifting on-line in the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Survey on ESP 2017-2024 implementation and update proposals

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Strengthened Cooperation with Regional Organizations and External Stakeholders

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EUROSAI Memorial Plantation Area: Together We Are Stronger